CONFIRMED: Sabres, Skinner agree on contract extension

According to Bob McKenzie, Jeff Skinner has agreed to an eight-year, $9 million AAV contract extension with the Sabres.


The Sabres didn’t wait until Saturday to make the announcement once McKenzie had tweeted that Buffalo and Skinner had come to an agreement.

It appears that the wait is finally over. According to TSN’s Bob McKenzie, the Buffalo Sabres and left winger, Jeff Skinner have agreed on an eight-year contract extension in the neighborhood of $9 million AAV.

Following what was the most widely discussed outstanding issue on the docket heading into this summer, fans of the blue-and-gold can breathe a collective sigh of relief. For a team that has a wide assortment of issues to address in the coming months, they simply could not afford to lose the 40-goal scorer.

The $9 million cap hit is steep, but as Ben Matthewson pointed out in his article from last week, Skinner is worth the potential financial risk. Analytically, there are very few players on the Buffalo roster who contributes a higher positive impact. The 27-year-old now becomes the second-highest paid player on the Sabres roster, behind captain Jack Eichel.

Stay tuned for updated contract figures and details. For now, rejoice and rest easy knowing that the most pertinent item on Jason Botterill’s agenda has been addressed.