Compare and Contrast: Kaleta's Hit On Richards vs. Girardi's Hit On Ennis

Both plays were boarding infractions, but with different penalties assessed. Was that the right call?

Last night, two incidents occurred in the Sabres game against the Rangers. Patrick Kaleta boarded Brad Richards, and received a five minute major and a game misconduct, while for boarding Tyler Ennis, Dan Girardi only received a two minute minor.Two infractions, different penalties assessed.

Yes, there are differences in the two hits - Kaleta uses his stick while Girardi uses his shoulder, Richards was further from the boards than Ennis, Richards went in head first while Ennis went in face first. Kaleta will undoubtedly face a suspension of some kind, and should, but what about Girardi? Should prior history play in to penalty calls? Should player injury (or, um, perception of injury) be considered? Let us know in the comments.

Kaleta's Penalty On Richards

Girardi's Penalty On Ennis