Changes coming to 2015 NHL Draft?

The Sabres have set themselves up for a high pick in the 2015 draft, but news from the NHL Board of Governors meeting might mean bad news for Buffalo's chances to win the 2015 Draft Lottery.

UPDATE: TBN's John Vogl is reporting some of the details about the changes that could be taking place.

The league, according to a Buffalo News source with knowledge of the situation, would like to:

1) Increase the number of selections determined by the lottery system.

2) Give all 14 non-playoff teams a more even chance of winning the first overall pick.


One day before the 2014 NHL Draft kicks off, some disturbing news has come out of the NHL's Board of Governors meetings in New York.

According to ESPN's Pierre LeBrun, the Board of Governors approved changes to the 2015 NHL Draft Lottery, though the report wasn't clear on what those changes were.

Those changes, which must also be approved by the National Hockey League Players' Association, would go into effect for the 2015 NHL Entry Draft, a heavily-anticipated draft class that features the highly-touted prospect Connor McDavid.

The exact changes that were approved when the Board of Governors met Thursday in Manhattan are not immediately clear, but they will likely be a source of consternation for some, especially those with a stockpile of high picks for 2015.

As the report states, Sabres GM Tim Murray can't be pleased with this news, and fans with dreams of Connor McDavid might have to temper their expectations for next year's draft. Of course, we must remind you not to jump to conclusions until we get more details on the changes, and that any changes approved by the BOG must also be approved by the NHL Player's Association as well.

This, Sabres fans, is why we can't have nice things.