Our Favorite Buffalo Sabres Highlights

The folks at Samsung asked us a very simple question, what is your favorite Buffalo Sabres highlight. That question would be so much easier if the team had won a Stanley Cup or two, but since they haven't we have forty years of footage to digest to figure it out. As I was thinking about this though, there was one thing that all of my favorite highlights had in common, that being the majestic call of Rick Jeanneret. Since Jeanneret has been around the team since its inception and called all of the major moments of the team, picking one moment I liked was just too hard. So, here are my top five:

5.) Dave Hannan's game winning goal in 1993

For a game that only featured one goal in seven periods, the goal just seemed that much sweeter:

4.) Jason Pominville's game winning goal in 2006

Since I have to admit I'm more of a newer Sabres fan, this goal resonates with me mainly because of how much fun we had as fans that season. Considering that this team wasn't projected to do much of anything, getting to the Eastern Conference Finals just meant that the majestic ride could keep going.

3.) Derek Plante's overtime goal in 1997

The Buffalo Sabres needed seven games and overtime to defeat the Ottawa Senators in the 1997 Eastern Conference quarterfinals but when they did, it was memorable.

2.) Steve Shields vs. Garth Snow in 1997

Our countdown can't have all goals and this fight between Steve Shields and Garth Snow is probably one of the most epic ones in Sabres history. Plus it's a goalie fight and who doesn't love a goalie fight.

1.) Brad May's overtime goal in 1993

There is no doubt in my mind that this is probably one of the greatest moments in Sabres history, and it came in the first round of the playoffs:

I know you are going to disagree with the list and I know that I missed a bunch of great moments. So tell me where I'm wrong in the comments.