Sabres Fire Assistant Coaches James Patrick, Kevyn Adams

Ron Rolston has made some changes to his assistant coaching staff, and has released two assistants from Lindy Ruff's old regime.

When he was hired as the full time head coach of the Buffalo Sabres, Ron Rolston was given the opportunity to choose his own assistant coaches, and it doesn't look like James Patrick or Kevyn Adams will be among them.

Upon hearing the news of their firing, we sent our crack team of DBTB reporters to Twitter feed to find out more, and here's what we found, presented in the most internet-friendly way possible:

  • Ron Rolston has fired James Patrick (defense coach) and Kevyn Adams (in charge of special teams)
  • It is believed he will keep Teppo Numminen (amazing hair) on board
  • No word yet on Jim Corsi (goalies, mustaches, stats) or Doug McKenney (strength & conditioning)

So what does the immediate future hold? Rolston is currently interviewing assistant coaches and will not comment until he's finished the hiring process. However, there are two candidates already getting some buzz - Amerks interim coach Chadd Cassidy, and Ron's brother Brian Rolston.

Cassidy is the leading candidate for an assistant coach spot, likely the special teams position vacated by Adams, as he's a long time Rolston accomplice and coached an excellent special teams units in Rochester. Brian Rolston would be an interesting hire, aside from the obvious family relation. The younger Roslton has just recently retired from the NHL and would bring an interesting perspective having just completed a 17-year NHL career.

We'll update this post if more news breaks tonight on the fate of Corsi, Numminen, McKenney, or if we hear of any new hirings.