Buffalo Sabres Daily Links: Happy Olympics Day

We're doing something different with this edition of the links: since we're in the midst of the hockey doldrums and Sabres articles are increasingly hard to come by, all hockey related links will stay before the break today. After the break, we'll have some cool Olympics links in honor of the Summer Games which begin tonight in London.

- Five things the Sabres could learn from the Stanley Cup Champion Kings. [Sabres Hockey Central]

- Do the Sabres perform better in one specific period of a game? [The Hosers]

- Alex Semin signed with Carolina for one year and $7 million. [NHL.com]

- The Flyers re-signed Jakub Voracek to a 4 year extension at $4.25 million per, but was it a smart deal? [Broad Street Hockey]

- Are the Kings the best Stanley Cup Champion since the lockout? [Battle Of California]

Olympic Links:

- Here's all the details you need for the opening ceremonies. [SB Nation]

- Did you want medal predictions for all 300+ events? No? Well too bad! [SI.com]

- The Brits are worried something will go terribly, terribly wrong, as they are wont to do. [ESPN]

- Dabbling in Olympics obsession. [Grantland]

- 12 events you didn't know were Olympic events. [SB Nation]