Sabres Coach and GM end-of-season interviews

Granato & Adams meet the press to douse Eichel feud chatter

While Jack Eichel’s comments during locker cleanout day certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons, with the world-weary frustration of his fellow veterans only serving to emphasize his point that the Buffalo Sabres are a dysfunctional organization.

Coach Don Granato and General Manager Kevyn Adams’ brief when they met the media yesterday was pretty clear - attempt to douse the raging wildfire that is threatening to engulf the Sabres offseason.

Here’s Granato, who made such a marked difference since he took over, with the players looking more at ease, and playing a looser brand of hockey that was much more fun to watch than whatever it was Ralph Krueger was peddling. VIDEO LINK

But it was the GM Adams that everyone wanted to speak to, and of course, the big Eichel question about the supposed disconnect between his camp and the organization, which is what he started with. VIDEO LINK

“We all want the same thing when it comes to Jack Eichel. We want Jack Eichel to be healthy, to be able to play at the top of his game, to be one of the best players in the world, like he’s proven he is. So, we want all the same thing here.”

Adams added that the two sides have been in constant communication throughout this whole period, whether it was in the form of meetings or individual contact between Eichel, his representatives, Adams, and the rest of the Sabres organization.

Adams went on to say that the surgical option that the Eichel camp wants to take is of particular concern to the organization, and that the Sabres medical staff prefer a more conservative approach with rest and rehabilitation.

“Now it’s been speculated and discussed from Jack’s camp about potentially having a surgery that’s never been done on a National Hockey League player before.

“Our doctors aren’t comfortable with that. But I think we all are in a position where we want the same thing and hope that when we re-image this in the timeline I laid out, Jack will have made steps and strides to be in a position where we’re in a better spot.”

So there you are, both sides of the ‘argument’ if you will. The GM did add when asked that Eichel had not asked him for a trade, and that he would be willing to listen to any scenarios presented to him that would improve the team as a whole.

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