The Buffalo Sabres All-Star Team: First Line Scoring Forwards

Here is the first post in a summer series designed to answer the question: If the Sabres franchise put out a full all-time team featuring twelve forwards, six defensemen, two goalies, and a coaching staff, who would be on it? Today, we ask you to nominate the first line scoring forwards.

Last summer, to help get ourselves through the hockey wasteland, we tired to figure out which of Rick Jeanneret's calls was the greatest of all time. This summer, our big summer series will try to determine what the full roster would be for a Buffalo Sabres All-Star Team.

Over the next nine weeks, we're going to ask you to help determine the greatest Sabres team of all time - but here's the kicker. We're looking to field an actual team, with scoring and checking lines alike, backup goalies, and a coaching staff to boot. We're going to vote on one aspect of the team each week, and will end up with a full roster of twelve forwards, six defenseman, two goalies, and a coaching staff right before the 2013-14 NHL season is about to begin.

Today's vote is for the top forward line - the purest scoring machine ever to dress in blue and gold. These three players should be the line you send out when you need a goal in the worst way, and exemplify the best scoring ability in Sabres history.

Nominations will stay open until next Wednesday, when the next thread in the series will go up. In order to vote, you must follow the instructions laid out here. Any vote that does not adhere to these guidelines will not be considered. (Thanks to fellow SBN blog Cageside Seats for the nomination process.) Only one nomination per user will be accepted.

You're voting on three players - a center and two wingers. They do not necessarily have to have been a real line in Sabres history, just three players that played at the forward position, one in the middle, and two on the wing. In the subject line, please include the word "Nominate" before your three selections.

For example:

Nominate: Martin-Perreault-Robert


Nominate: Andreychuk-Perreault-Gare

Before you post, please check to see if someone has already nominated your trio. If they have, simply "rec" their post in order to agree with them and cast your vote - the more recs a post has, the more votes for that trio of players. Feel free to comment on lines, or voice your opinion in the body of your comment, but the subject line must follow the voting guidelines to count. Finally, try not to get ahead of the post at hand - other lines, pairings, tenders, and coaches will be coming later in the summer.

What would a real team of all-time Sabres players look like? Let's find out this summer.