2013-14 Buffalo Sabres report cards: Tyler Ennis

The Buffalo Sabres 2013-14 season was one of the worst in franchise history, and now it's time to take a look at who made it all possible. We're grading everybody who played at least 20(ish) games for the Sabres this year, from Concacher to Weber.

Contract: RFA (earned $2,812,500 in 2013-14)

Report card grade in 2013: C+ (link here)

Introduction: Tyler Ennis isn’t referred to as The Menace for no reason. His small stature often leaves him overlooked by opponents and larger players, but his speed and ability to turn quick plays is outstanding, and makes him a fun player to watch. But how did his numbers stack up this year?

Key Stat: Ennis led the Sabres in goals with 21 this season and was third in assists with 22. He led all forwards in percentage of on-ice power-play time, and received the most offensive zone starts, both of which certainly helped him achieve that honor.

Thumbs Up: In addition to his team-leading goal numbers, Ennis had a career-high six game point streak from January 12 to January 23. He was on the positive side of the posession numbers relative to his teammates despite facing some of the toughest competition the opponents could throw at him. For what it's worth, Ennis was also voted team MVP for the 2013-14 season. Also: he finally cut off that ridiculous hair. I'm all for the hockey flow, but it wasn't working for our small-statured friend.

Thumbs Down: Not that I truly feel that it would’ve made a difference, given the poor overall performance by this club this season, but Ennis scored all of his points late in the season. In his last 39 games, to be exact. More production spread out over the course of the season would be nice to see from him.

Memorable Moment: On November 19, Ennis scored a goal 10-seconds into a game against St Louis, tying Drew Stafford (10 seconds, 01.27.09 @ EDM) for quickest goal scored in a regular season game.

Voting: We're grading on a curve this year, adjusting for the Sabres organizational ineptitude. So, using the good old grade school system of A, B, C, D, F, with A representing a great season (for the Sabres) C an average season, and F a very poor season (again, for the worst team in the league) grade Tyler Ennis on his performance this year.

Grade Tyler Ennis on his 2013-14 season performance: