2013-14 Buffalo Sabres Report Cards: Jhonas Enroth

The Buffalo Sabres 2013-14 season was one of the worst in franchise history, and now it's time to take a look at who made it all possible. We're grading everybody who played at least 20(ish) games for the Sabres this year, from Concacher to Weber.

Contract: Signed through 2014-15 at $1,250,000

Report Card Grade in 2013: B- (link here)

Introduction: Jhonas Enroth went from backup to starter this season, thanks to a trade that sent Ryan Miller packing. However, his life as a starter was cut short due to injury. He'll likely enter training camp in a battle with Michael Neuvirth for the starting spot next year, but can Enroth hold up as the primary goalie for an entire season if he earns the starting gig?

Key Stat: Enroth has always been a streaky backup, looking great for half a season and looking terrible for stretches. This year, from November to January, Enroth started 12 games and went 0-12 during that stretch with a save percentage under .900 - nobody outside of the Islanders have goaltending that poor, and if Enroth hits another rough patch as the Sabres starter next year, Buffalo could be in a world of trouble.

Thumbs Up: Out of all of his save percentages in different situations, Enroth's best numbers came making saves on shorthanded chances against; his .909 shorthanded save percentage ranked 26th in the NHL. Plays great on the road with a .925 SV%, and rebounded nicely from his early season struggles, sporting a .929 SV% in the month of March.

Thumbs Down: Enroth's save percentage sat at .911, good for 31st overall, but his even strength save percentage was .918, which was tied for 41st in the NHL - that's a very "backup goalie" number, and it came while facing fewer shots/60 than all other regular Sabres goalies except for Nathan Lieuwen. Enroth had the worst PP save percentage of any Sabres goalie, and while he never made it to a shootout, he did face go 0-1 on penalty shot saves. Finally, his .897 SV% at home is not good.

Memorable Moment: He didn't have any helmet-less saves this year, but Enroth diving blocker save on Claude Giroux was pretty awesome nonetheless.

Voting: We're grading on a curve this year, adjusting for the Sabres organizational ineptitude. So, using the good old grade school system of A, B, C, D, F, with A representing a great season (for the Sabres) C an average season, and F a very poor season (again, for the worst team in the league) grade Jhonas Enroth on his performance this year.

Grade Jhonas Enroth on his 2013-14 season.