2012 NHL Playoffs: Fantasy wrap-up

Just a quick note with the links to the final scores and leaderboards for the two fantasy games we had here on Die By The Blade. Thank you to everyone who played, especially to those who stuck with us right through till the end. We hope to see all of you and some more next year.

Die By The Blade Pick n' Mix: The winner of the competition is Seanicus17, with 35pts. In second place is bflo with 28pts, and bstoos third with 25pts.

Die By The Blade Bracket: The winner is lassathrax, with 9pts. In second place is bull_trojan a point behind. Tied for third are bstoos and Choobs with 7pts.

Congratulations to the two winners, who will be receiving $25 gift cards to The NHL Shop, please contact me via the email address on my profile. Thanks once again to all for playing!