2012 NHL Draft: Die By The Blade Podcast - Draft Preview Edition

Dave Oleksy and myself return with our 2012 NHL Draft preview. Our 45 minute preview features special guest Kris Baker from Sabres Prospects along with our thoughts on what the Sabres are going to do and who they are going to pick up during the draft. You can listen here:

Or download from here to listen to later.

As part of the lost files, we have two episodes that never got released but may still be interesting:

Episode 15 features Dave and I talking about the Kings and what the Sabres can learn from the Stanley Cup champions to give them success next year:

Episode 16 has our thoughts on the Sabres New Media Summit and our thoughts on the Sabres media changes as well:

With that, Dave and I are taking a couple of weeks off and will be back after free agency to discuss all of the moves the team made.