What’s Sabre Claus Bringing this Year?

<em>Buffalo hockey gift ideas for the holidays</em>

Since it’s that time of year when everybody, (including Sabres fans) is looking for presents to put under the tree, I thought I’d share some Buffalo Sabres themed gifts. Die By the Blade readers will, of course, have their own favorites. Here are some of mine:

1)   Greatest Sabres Plays: Leatherette Coasters (set of 4)

Fans can relive four of the greatest moments in Sabres history, the 1993 Adams Division Semifinals: Game 4 vs. Boston (May Day), the 1975 Stanley Cup Finals: Game 3 vs. Philadelphia (the Fog Game), the 2006 Eastern Conference Semifinals: Game 5 vs. Ottawa (Shorthanded Series Winner) and the 2007 Eastern Conference Semifinals: Game 5 vs. New York (Drury ties it).

Each coaster is laser etched depicting these historic plays face up. Sip your favorite beverage and remember where you were when these magical moments happened. Even if you weren’t there for all four, you probably know somebody who was and would love to reminisce about them over something hot or cold.

2)   RJ Rick Jeanneret Coffee Mug

Start your day with a tribute to the greatest broadcaster in Sabres history. The RJ Rick Jeanneret coffee mug is ceramic, has an accented C-handle that’s comfortable to lift and a colored interior with different hues to choose from. This mug comes in 11 oz. and 15 oz. sizes and each one is handmade.

Order soon. It’s definitely a great gift for any Sabres fan who followed Jeanneret’s legendary play-by-plays over the years.

3)   Buffalo Sabres 16 oz. Overtime Pint Glass

Whether it’s ooovverrtimmee or any other time, the Buffalo Sabres Overtime pint glass is the thing for the any beer drinking fan you may know. It makes a versatile present that’s perfect for celebrating a Sabres win or mourning a team loss. Either way, you’re covered with this 16 oz. oversized team logo glass. The product is made from pressed glass for added durability and holds up to a pint of beer or any other liquid.

4)   Buffalo Sabres Hockey Puck Bottle Opener

Some people prefer their beverages in a bottle instead of a glass. The Buffalo Sabres Hockey Puck bottle opener is the right gift for those connoisseurs. Made from a real hockey puck, it features a puck with the Sabres logo on the front and a bottle opener on the back.

5)   Personalized Buffalo New York Hockey Pillow Case

Sleep it off or just get some rest with this personalized Buffalo New York Hockey pillow case. Customize the name and enjoy the look in Sabres blue and gold colors. Snore away on a cold winter’s night or grab a quick nap while showing some team spirit.

6)   Buffalo Sabres Dog Collar and Leash

If your dog is a Sabres fan or you’d just like to advertise your team loyalty, this gift is ideal. The leash is made from durable fabric and comes in sizes for medium and large dogs. Publicize that you and your pet are Sabres supporters. Once you own it, all that’s left to do is teach your dog to growl at Leafs or Bruins fans if you encounter any at the park or on your daily walk.

These are a few Buffalo Sabres gifts available for the holiday season. What are some of your favorites?