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What’s On Your Sabres Wish List?

The holiday season is well upon us, although the Buffalo Sabres and NHL seasons are currently on holiday pause. (And in the midst of COVID disruption, but let’s not talk about that right now.)

With that said, the Sabres are at an interesting point in the season. There is absolutely room for improvement in many areas, and while the team isn’t going to make the playoffs this season (pending a… miracle), not every thing is terrible right now. The hockey season has its highlights and its lowlights, as we round out this holiday season and the calendar year, preparing to enter 2022.

What gift is on your wish list for the Sabres this holiday season? Healthy goaltenders, or at least healthy ones that know how to stop pucks? A rejuvenated Rasmus Dahlin? A Tage Thompson who continues doing exactly what he’s doing? Being able to string together more than two wins in a row? For JJ Peterka, Peyton Krebs & Jack Quinn to get the chance to tear it up at the NHL level?

What’s the one thing you would ask for to help improve the Sabres immediately?

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