What Will You Do When The Lockout Ends?

The lockout seems to be heading towards a possible conclusion, but when hockey returns, will you jump back in or proceed more cautiously?

After more than 80 long days, the NHL lockout looks to be heading toward the finish line, and hockey could be returning soon. (Ed. Note: this sentence was written last night, and in no way should be seen as either a jinx nor a reverse-jinx for the potential end of the lockout.)

However, when hockey finally does return, whenever that is, how will you re-enter the world of skates, sticks, and pucks?

This lockout has been fascinating to follow via social media, and every conceivable opinion has been put forth and deconstructed by fans over the past few months. Some folks can't wait for the season to begin, and will be jumping in head first. Other fans will be proceeding with caution, either cancelling things like season tickets or the Center Ice package to show their disappointment with the lockout. Finally, others have sworn off the NHL all together thanks to a league that seems to care more about its own bottom line than the people who fund it.

So where do you stand, Sabres fans? Will you be jumping right back in, debating line combinations and projecting the standings after 10 games, or are you more ambivalent towards first dropping of the puck? Have you done or will you do anything to try and make the NHL aware that you're not happy with the way they conducted their business these past few months?

Either way, let's keep our fingers crossed for a swift return to the ice.