What Should the Sabres’ Reverse Retros Look Like?

Will the Buffaslug make its return?

The Buffaslug. The goathead. Red and black. Blue and gold. Royal blue.

One of the hot topics on social media right now is what each NHL team’s “Reverse Retro” jersey for the upcoming season is going to look like. Icethetics has been providing some hints, and reveals, of what some teams are going to wear. For example, the San Jose Sharks will revive the California Golden Seals look, while the Tampa Bay Lightning will reportedly base theirs on the 1997 third jersey.

Rumor has it that the Buffalo Sabres could go back to the oft-despised Buffaslug, but in the proper royal blue & gold. Here’s a mockup of what that could look like:

The Sabres definitely have some options here. Personally, I absolutely hated the Buffaslug and I’m not sure bringing it back in royal does anything to improve it. It still looks like, well, a slug. Last year’s Reverse Retro was fine, a mix of the black & red era third and the current team colors. The goathead is the GOAT, but that’s supposedly coming back as a third jersey.

I wouldn’t mind seeing them use the old ‘B’ with a sword style logo in some way - but I am also admittedly not sure of the exact rules & guidelines when it comes to the Reverse Retro and how much they can reinvent the wheel. Throw caution to the wind and revive the old Buffalo Bisons hockey team jersey with the bottlecap.

What do you want the Sabres to use as this year’s Reverse Retro jersey? Have you put together any neat mock-ups you’d like to share? Or, alternately, is there a design you’re hoping they stay away from?