Video: Watch John Scott score a goal over and over again

The Leafs won the game last night, but when John Scott scores on you, can you ever truly win?

It's been said that he doesn't belong in the NHL. National media members called for his coach's head simply for putting him on the ice. He's been called a f***ing joke.

And last night against the Toronto Maple Leafs, he scored his first goal in three years.

When he banged home the rebound from Matt Ellis' shot, John Howard Scott scored just the second goal of his career, in his 200th game. His last goal was in 2009 as a member of the Minnesota Wild, and the goal marks his first point of the year, and only the sixth point of his career to go along with 353 penalty minutes.

What say you now, Mr. Milbury?

Did it make the goal slightly more savory that it came against the Leafs, the team that started all this John-Scott-is-the-worst-thing-in-the-history-of-things narrative? It certainly did for me, and though the team ultimately lost in a shootout, I'd like to think having John Scott score on you is enough of a loss for Toronto.

Relive all the magic in the video below: