Tribute To The Legend, Rick Jeanneret - The End Of An Era

Thank you RJ, for everything you’re done, and all the moments you’ve brought to life. As a Sabres fan our appreciation is eternal, and please know that we love you too.

Score: Sabres 3 | Blackhawks 2

Shots: BUF 36 | CHI 21

Buffalo Sabres Goals: Thompson (38), Power (2), Mittelstadt (6)

Chicago Blackhawks Goals: Kubalik (15), Strome (22)

Plus 1: Owen Power Is Here To Stay

It has been impressive, to say the least, how quickly Owen Power’s game has evolved and adapted to NHL level competition. With each game played he is noticeably more confident, jumping into the offensive play, and by doing so in this game putting himself in the right position to score the second Sabres goal. He is still very young, and there is certainly room for improvement, but this glimpse into his ability at year end has been exciting to watch.

Plus 2: “Buffalo Wins It In Ooooovertime!”

This is the ending that RJ and Buffalo Sabres fans deserve. A perfect last call by Rick Jeanneret to conclude a hard fought battle, putting the stamp on a season ending victory.

Plus 51: The Voice Of The Sabres - RJ

What more can be said about the man that hasn’t already been said. This section deserves a plus 51, given that is the number of years Buffalo Sabres fans have been blessed by being able to listen to the calls of Rick Jeanneret. His calls will go down in hockey history as some of the best ever made. Other sports broadcasters can only hope to emulate the way that RJ was able to bring the game to life.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations to Kyle Okposo for winning the Rico award. A better selection on this team could not have been made. The Rick Martin Memorial Award, voted on by fans, honors Sabres player who demonstrates on-ice excellence, resiliency and dedication to community. It’s unfortunate he was not able to play in the Sabres final game of the season, but it highly apparent that the members of this team look to Okposo as their leader both on ice and off the ice.

I believe the question of who should be the head coach of the Buffalo Sabres has been laid to rest at the culmination of this season. Don Granato has been the perfect fit for this team, motivating both young and more veteran players. If the Sabres had made the playoffs this season there would have been a strong argument for coach Granato to be in contention for the Jack Adams award.

The future is bright for this team, and I am positive we will cover this in greater details in future articles to come. I would like to take a moment to focus on the man of the hour, month, year… Rick Jeanneret.

Cherish the memories of Rick Jeanneret Sabres fans. I was fortunate enough to be able to bring my daughter to RJ night, and can say without hesitation that was the most memorable hockey game of my life. Say what you will about Sabres ownership, or the organization, but they did a first-class job on honoring RJ as a stable of this city and franchise. I would not trade those moments with my daughter, cheering in the stands & chanting RJ for anything.

What a tribute to have Niagara Falls lit up this evening in Sabres colors to honor the legacy of RJ. How many other play by play announcers can claim something similar in nature? Coordinating with our Canadian friends to the north together in saluting an absolute legend is exactly the kind of thing that shows the strength and recognition of the hockey community.

Rick Jeanneret deserves to have his name and microphone in the rafters as much as any player to ever play for the Sabres. When a conversation takes place regarding the Sabres, it is almost a given to insert your favorite RJ call here. Rooting for the Sabres, especially as of late, has been very polarizing due to the lack of success over the past decade. With every fan having their own opinion on who is to blame and what should be done to fix the team. Even throughout all of the recent trials and differing of viewpoints, one thing has already remained constant…The love Buffalo Sabres fans have for our broadcaster, the best of all time, Rick Jeanneret.