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Darcy Regier on the Thomas Vanek Trade

Darcy Regier held his normal post-trade press conference with the media shortly after the Thomas Vanek trade was announced. Here is some of the highlights from that conference.

On Whether This Makes The Team Better Now

“No, Matt is a very good player but Thomas is one of the top leading scorers in the National Hockey League, but with his unrestricted status, I think Matt comes in and right now he’s got six goals in the National Hockey League and is off to a good start and is a goal scorer and plays in the hard areas and on the power play and will continue to in that regard. But, this is more an overall deal which I believe will improve this hockey club going forward.”

On Resigning Matt Moulson (Unrestricted Free Agent at end of year)

“Well, right now he’s here for the rest of the season and he is an unrestricted free agent like Thomas at the end of the season. We’ll just have to see how it goes.”

On Whether This Means Ryan Miller Is Next

“No, I really had no discussions of late with respect to any of our other potential free agents. Ryan continues to play extremely well, as all of you know. Between him and Jhonas [Enroth], they’ve been at the forefront of terrific efforts on our hockey team right from the start.”

On How Outside Influences Are Affecting Things At The Moment

“I think that you have to, and this on behalf of the fans, you have to believe in what you’re doing and what we’re doing or what I’m doing is as a team member. Obviously as a general manager, you’re higher up on that team but you’re working with ownership; ¬†you’re working with your scouting staff both on the amateur and professional side; and you’re working with the president of the hockey club trying to understand their concerns. To that extent, you have to work internally within this group and believe in the people you are working with and do it for the people that are coming to the games. So, it’s not a disregarding of the outside, it’s in fact for the outside. But it’s a dependence on your teammates.”

On Whether He’s Feeling More Pressure At The Moment

“I don’t do well with that word. I think there’s a better word. Is it a bigger challenge? Yes. I’d substitute the word challenge for pressure. You have to view it as a challenge because you can’t operate if you’re under so much pressure, it’s paralyzing. So, you can’t operate that way. You have to operate as though it’s a challenge. It’s something that you have to get done and as a part of our team that’s working on this. You have to find the enjoyment in doing your work. You have to focus on the positive, you have to be hopeful. I’m well aware that you go to a game last night and start off with a pretty full hope tank and it’s getting fuller and then at the end of the game the plug gets pulled and then you’ve got to refill it again. That’s the nature of what you do and what I do. I don’t love where we are, I love what we are doing and believe in the direction we are going.”

For the rest of the conference, the audio link is below.

Darcy Regier 10-27 Darcy Regier 10-27