The New Numbers Guy

Meet new Staff Writer Lee Drinkwater

Hello! My name is Lee Drinkwater, and I’m the latest addition to the Die By The Blade team. A big thank you to Chad DeDominicis for this amazing opportunity.

I grew up in Rochester and have been a Sabres fan all my life. Although I did play hockey as a goalie for a few years, I have recently hung up the skates in favor of analytics. I attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for Actuarial Science and Statistics, and my passion for the Sabres stuck with me throughout my time in college. I have spent the last few years developing this new passion for applying the statistical knowledge I have learned to the hockey world.

Over these last few years, I have been very active on #Sabres Twitter, often discussing various topics and trying to absorb everything I could from some of the prominent reports, journalists, etc. I eventually connected with Chad on Twitter and wrote my first article for the Beyond the Blade podcast around six months ago.

Now, with a bit more experience under my belt, I’m hoping to add my statistical perspective to Die By The Blade, so most pieces by me will involve numbers, graphs, some fancy statistics, etc.

A quick fun fact about me— I’m an underwater hockey player. Yes, it exists! I got started as a freshman in college and this past summer I played with the USA Under-23 national team at Worlds in Australia.

I currently reside in Chicago where I work full time as an Actuarial Analyst but spend most nights either watching hockey or wishing the season was here. You can find me on Twitter posting some stats/graphs/etc. or just commenting about the Sabres in general.

I am looking forward to using my statistical knowledge combined with my passion for hockey to put together some great pieces for Die By The Blade, along with interacting with the readers!