The Legend Retires: Goodbye Rick

What else can be said? The best thing about this franchise, for many years, has decided he’s done following the 2021-22 season. His 51st. We can all go through YouTube and see his most memorable and game defining calls, but nothing can truly capture that Rick is a legend of the franchise, the NHL and all sports announcers, the Sabres have been tremendously lucky to keep Rick all these years. If only the internet was around for his whole career, he may have changed his last name to Buffer after all the money he would’ve made.

Rick says he’s calling only 20 games this season, and hopes they are all home games. With 41 home games, it’s almost a 50/50 shot Rick will be on the mic with Rob Ray close behind trying to bust his chops.

“To my Sabres family,” Jeanneret said in a statement Friday, “To spend 50 years doing any one job is more than a person can ask for, let alone one as special as mine. My interactions with the fans at KeyBank Center have been one of the thrills of my career, one that was sorely missing over the past year.

“So, let’s make it 51. I look forward to seeing you at the rink for one last run.”