The Hoffs

There's a lot you don't know about the various members of the Buffalo Sabres hockey club. One thing you probably didn't know is that Sabres' defenseman Christian Ehrhoff is a distant cousin of another German sensation, actor/buffoon David Hasselhoff. Sometimes, the young defenseman turns to his cousin for advice. Today, we're lucky enough to sit in on one of those conversations. I bring you...THE HOFFS.


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So Christian returned to his Amherst townhouse, with Olive Garden takeout in tow. After some tears into his pillow, he quickly booted up the address book on his iPhone, desperately hoping to make contact with a relative who wasn't a camera whoring, raging alcoholic. Tune in next time, when Christian desperately attempts to make contact with a more intelligent relative, UW professor Peter Hoff.


H/T to fellow SBN writer Sean Keeley, who not only was the inspiration for this post, but gave me his blessing to completely rip off his idea. If you're a Syracuse fan, check out TNIAAM.

All images courtesy of AP/Getty via SBNation - altered with text for entertainment purposes only.

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