The return of the DBTB Picks Game - TANK WARS

Also known as the "What Would You Rather Be Doing Than Watching The Buffalo Sabres Play" game.

For those of you who have been here long enough, you'll know we usually have a couple of picks games we play during the season, where you pick winners to Buffalo Sabres games, as well as over-under's on a bunch of categories. Managing that spreadsheet does tend to become a burden when the games start coming thick and fast, so I'll have to come up with something new on that front, but until then we'll just use the comments section here.

The previous iteration of this game was called the Buffalo Sabres Pick N' Mix, which apart from being a mouthful is a pain to type every time too. Instead, this season the game is going to be called - Tank Wars - in honor of the McDavid-Eichel sweepstakes that we will undoubtedly find ourselves in this year.

The fantasy hockey game that doesn't need cheat sheets, stats, pencils, or late night drafts. All you have to do is pick what you think your favorite team the Buffalo Sabres are going to do in any given week. The Sabres schedule for the next couple of weeks is -

10/09 - Sabres vs Columbus Blue Jackets
10/11 - Sabres at Chicago Blackhawks
10/13 - Sabres vs Anaheim Ducks
10/14 - Sabres at Carolina Hurricanes
10/17 - Sabres vs Florida Panthers
10/18 - Sabres vs Boston Bruins

To play, all you need to do is come up with the following picks -

1) winning team [W] (including a shootout winner) = B (Buffalo) or O (Other)
2) goals [G] over/under in each game (O/U of 5.5 goals) = O (Over) or U (Under)
3) powerplay goals [PPG] over/under in each game (O/U of 1.5 goals) = O or U
4) penalty minutes [PIM] over/under in each game (O/U of 25 PIM) = O or U

See, it's really that simple! Scoring is easy too, one point for each correct answer, a max of four per game. You can submit your answers in the comments section of this post, in the form of (for example) -


It's that easy! The game will close before puckdrop of the first game of the week, so we'll need all your week's picks in before that. If you miss the first game, just put in your picks for the remaining games as soon as you can. This will be season-long, so make sure you don't miss any weeks!

Good luck, and Go Sabres!