The Best Of Jeanneret: What Is The All-Time Greatest Rick Jeanneret Call?

There are few individuals more important to Buffalo Sabres fans than Rick Jeanneret. You could even make an argument that no player, owner, or manager is more beloved by the blue and gold faithful; even the Hockey Hall of Fame will be recognizing Jeanneret's greatness this fall by honoring him with the Foster Hewitt Memorial Award.

He's been the voice of the Buffalo Sabres on TV and radio for over 40 years, and over that long career has amassed dozens of memorable and iconic calls. If you grew up playing street hockey, you've no doubt accompanied your own goals with calls of "Top shelf, where momma hides the cookies!" or, "Now do you believe?!"

With that iconic voice in mind, we thought we'd take some time this summer to determine: what is the greatest Rick Jeanneret call of all time? We've gathered 16 of the best, most memorable, and most important calls, and are pitting them together bracket-style to determine the all-time greatest.

Sadly, we couldn't get Cellino and Barnes to give us a snazzy video intro for this process, so we'll just have to use good old fashioned .jpgs. We'll begin the voting tomorrow, but check after the break for the full list of seedings.


#1 Seeds
May Day
Now Do You Believe?
Top Shelf, Where Momma Hides The Cookies
Garth Snow/Steve Shields Fight

#2 Seeds
Dave Hannan/Where Jimmy Hoffa Is
Shot Heard Round The World
Are You Ready Legion of Doom?

#3 Seeds
Mogilny Vapor Trail
Robert Ends The Fog Game In OT
Call The Cops, Miller Robbed Him Blind
Roll The Highlight Film

#4 Seeds
Who Else? Chris Drury
More Cheap Shots Than A Mexican Cantina
We Are Not Worthy
Wounded Duck