The Best Call From Rick Jeanneret Is: Now Do You Believe?

The Best of Rick Jeanneret is our summer quest to determine which of Jeanneret's most memorable calls ranks as the greatest of all time by ranking and voting on 16 of the best.

After weeks of long debate and hundreds of votes, the readers have spoken, and they've said that the best call ever made by legendary Sabres announcer Rick Jeanneret is...

Now Do You Believe?

Despite strong support in the comments for "May Day", "Who Else? Chris Drury!", and "La-La-La-La-La-La-LaFontaine!", a champion must emerge, and despite the fact that "Now Do You Believe?" is a recent call that ultimately ended in disappointment, it codified the feelings that had been growing through the Buffalo community during the first season after a fan-crushing lockout.

Everyone was on the Sabres bandwagon that spring, from casual fans to businesses, to the ones who bleed blue and gold; there's a reason that team has been referred to as the Team of Destiny. Were it not for a terribly unlucky string of defensive injuries, that call may very well have gone down as, well, something more. For now, it remains a bittersweet memory, much like a first awkward kiss or the memories of a beloved childhood friend long gone.

Such is the life of the Buffalo sports fan that our fondest sports memories are tinged with sadness, but when it comes to Jeanneret's greatest call, as the Highlander says, there can be only one.