Talk Of Terry Pegula's Interest In The Buffalo Bills Heats Up Again

At the age of 93, Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson is nearing the twilight of his life. With that, the questions about what will happen with the Bills when he passes still swirl around the franchise. Those concerns flared up again with Ralph Wilson's latest hospital stay. Enter Terry Pegula.

The Associated Press' John Wawrow caught up with Terry Pegula and tried to gauge his interest in possibly buying the Bills when the situation arises. Here is what he had to say:

''I haven't given that any thought. I may have money, but I don't have a printing press,'' Pegula said by phone. ''I have lots of commitments in other places. We're still in the oil and gas business. And as you know, the price of gas is down*. We've got these other commitments that we're moving forward with. And the Bills have an owner.''

This isn't the first time that Pegula has been brought up as the possible owner of the Bills and it won't be the last time either. Until an actual deal is publicly put in place, the rumors and speculation are going to swirl about who is going to own the team, many of which will include the current Sabres owner.

*The price of gas that he's referencing here is the price of natural gas, not gasoline.