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Stafford: “I believe we are headed in the right direction”

It’s the slow season for Sabres news as we’re still about 7 weeks away from the draft and free agency, so a new interview is always welcome, especially with a guy who will play big role on next year’s team.

Drew Stafford recently spoke with Concertfy.com, and shared some thoughts on various topics, including next year’s captaincy and which pro hockey players he was in a band with in college.

Some excerpts from the interview:

The Buffalo Sabres are in the midst of one of the biggest rebuilds in team history. What are your thoughts on the team’s direction at this time?
-I definitely believe we are headed in the right direction with all the changes that have been made. As frustrating as it is to lose as much as we did, the silver lining is that we have a lot of talent and character coming up in the organization. From a player’s perspective, we just appreciate all of our fan’s support and patience during this, and we’re all going to do our best to turn this around next year.

What are you looking to accomplish in your contract year season, 2014-2015?

-This next season is huge for everyone in the organization. We’re all looking to have healthy and productive summers in order to come back fresh and energized. We have a lot of work to do, because last season was unacceptable, but I know we’re all up for the challenge.

And on his brief musical career:

In college you formed a band with former AHLer – Jordan Parise called Red Seal Peach. How would you describe the band’s sound and have you ever considered coming out with your own EP or album?
– Jord and I attempted to start a band with some other college buddies, but some internal issues caused a pretty nasty break up. The sound had kind of an earthy tech-pop feel to it.

Go check out the rest of the interview here, as it’s pretty funny and shares some more insight into Stafford’s thoughts on next season and the music scene in Buffalo. Oh, and one question in particular gives us a great excuse to revisit our favorite Sabres video of all time…

Do you still workout to N’SYNC while doing “Flash pushups”?
-Why wouldn’t I?