SB Nation Reacts: Post-Draft Confidence Check

Following the NHL Draft, fans were polled on how they felt about the current status of the team.

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Never before has a league advanced so rapidly from crowning a champion through the biggest moments of the offseason. Just a few weeks after the Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup, the NHL has already hosted the 2020 Draft and gone through the first wave of free agency.

For the Buffalo Sabres, it appears the fanbase has mixed feelings on the offseason so far. A majority of fans gave Buffalo a “B” on their draft class, with no one doling out an “A.”

Things took a big jump up once free agency opened, however. Well over three-fourths of Buffalo fans said they are happy with what the Sabres have done during the offseason.

Between trades and continued free agency moves, there is still time for something big to happen during the offseason. That is especially true with the unclear nature of the 2021 season.

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