Sabres vs. Capitals recap: Loser points

The Sabres made it to overtime, but lost to the Capitals 4-3 in a shootout.

The Buffalo Sabres have spent an entire season cementing themselves not just as a bad team, but as one of the worst teams the NHL has ever seen. We, the Sabres fans, have suffered through two full seasons of historically bad hockey, all the with the goal of finishing 30th this year and guaranteeing themselves a player who will make sure they're never this bad again.

And just when we're coming down to the final stretch, the Sabres decide to play one of their better games of the year and ruin everything.

Johan Larsson tied the game at 3-3 with a late third period goal, and while the Sabres ultimately lost in a shootout, they earned the loser point by making it to OT. They really gave the Capitals a game, holding their own against a more powerful opponent. The Sabres got goals from Larsson, a beautiful power paly goal from Tyler Ennis, and a fluky nonsense goal from Cody Hodgson. The Caps, meanwhile, dominated on the power play, scoring on each of their two chances while adding a Mike Green even-strength goal in the second period.

The saving grace for the Sabres was that the Edmonton Oilers beat Toronto 4-1, giving them two points last night and putting them five points above the Sabres.