Report: Are Miller's Days "Numbered" In Buffalo?

A report from Sportsnet's Nick Kypreos last night indicated that Ryan Miller may be traded by Buffalo, either this year or next.

With the trade deadline just three weeks away, Sportsnet's Nick Kypreos dropped this bomb during the intermission of last night's Canucks-Blue Jackets game - according to Kypreos, Ryan Miller's days in Buffalo are numbered.

It's a bold yet unsurprising claim, considering that Miller is both the face of the franchise, but also has a large contract that expires at the end of the 2013-14 season. At age 32, Miller certainly isn't getting any younger, and so to see the team try and deal him wouldn't be the world's biggest shocker, especially considering his $6.25 million contract isn't the best asset for a rebuilding team to have. Still, #30 has been the heart and soul of the Sabres for the past six years or so, and to see him in another uniform would certainly be a shock to many Sabres fans.

Kypreos' report goes on to say that with the weak goalie market, the Sabres may have to wait until the summer or even next season to deal their American hero, but he was adamant in saying that Miller would not get a contract extension from the Sabres. Buffalo has "the official For Sale sign" according to the report, so it will be interesting to see if any other big Sabres names pop up in trade talks over the next few weeks in addition to Miller.

Since trades were being discussed, Kypreos also brought up Ville Leino ("Leeno") and how badly the Sabres would like to get rid of his massive contract. I doubt anybody would want to take on that albatross, but then again, I don't know if Darcy has called Garth Snow yet.

We're officially three weeks away from the trade deadline. Does anybody think there's a market for Miller out there? Would you be heartbroken to see him go?