Sabres Trade Rumors: Jason Pominville Reportedly Asked For No-Trade List

A report is out from TVA Sports that says the Sabres have asked Pominville to provide a list of eight teams he doesn't want to be traded to.

While today's date is making trade rumors a bit more questionable than usual, we have our first very big, seemingly legitimate Buffalo Sabres rumor, from Patrick Caisse of TVA Sports, regarding Jason Pominville.

Keep in mind, Sabres fans, that this only means the Sabres are exploring every possibility, and Pominville is certainly a big asset for GM Darcy Regier to bargain with. Even if this report is true, it's not a foregone conclusion that the current Sabres captain is going anywhere. Still, moving Pominville would send huge shock waves throughout the organization, so this is certainly something to keep your eyes and ears on.

Anybody have thoughts on what eight teams Pominville might submit? What do you think the Sabres could get for a 30-goal scoring winger?

UPDATE: As Olean Times Herald reporter Bill Hoppe notes, Pominville was simply asked to submit a list of eight teams he would not like to be traded to. This doesn't technically qualify as "waiving" his no-movement clause, though it's still a very big development.