Sabres trade rumors: Which goalie should Tim Murray trade, which should he sign?

Rumors have it the Sabres GM is looking to deal on of his netminders. Which one would you like to see sent packing, and which one should be signed long-term?

According to last night's Insider Trading on TSN, Pierre LeBrun reported that Buffalo Sabres general manager Tim Murray is looking to deal one of his goaltenders.

It's no breaking news that the Sabres will once again be players at or before the trade deadline, but the goaltenders weren't necessarily first on everyone's trade list. With the holiday trade freeze beginning December 19, it will be difficult to get something done before 2015, but with the aggressive Murray at the helm, I also wouldn't rule anything out.

Here's what LeBrun had to say about the rumblings he's heard coming from the Sabres front office:

"You know the Buffalo Sabres are looking to deal, they're still rebuilding with GM Tim Murray. A couple names that may surprise you - Jhonas Enroth and Michal Neuvirth, the two goaltenders for the Buffalo Sabres.

Now, they're not going to deal both, but I'm told he's [Murray] ready to deal one of them. They're both UFAs at the end of the year, he's not going to sign them both - I think he'd like to sign one, trade the other. I'm told he's told other GMs around the league, "I know you need a goalie upgrade - come make me a fair offer, I'm willing to listen on these guys."

Jhonas Enroth has been a ball of fire recently, shutting out the Los Angeles Kings last night to win his sixth game in his last eight starts for the worst team in the league. In fact, Enroth's antics in the crease have helped the Sabres win seven of ten overall, but has he proven himself enough to Tim Murray to be the long-term solution in net, or will Murray view his recent play and noted streakiness as a mere roadblock to the tank, and look to deal him?

Michal Neuvirth hasn't had as much time in the crease as Enroth this season, but he has the more prototypical size and certainly hasn't disappointed in net, sporting a .920 save percentage this season. With a number of other promising prospects in the system, and Matt Hackett still casting a shadow as he returns from injury, would Murray view Neuvirth-and-friends as a better option to lead the team forward?

So, it's time for us to play Trade One, Sign One. Which goalie would you like to see signed long-term, and which one would you like to see moved for a prospect or pick? Let us know in the comments.