Sabres to have "major announcement" on Monday afternoon, likely landing scouting combine

Could it be the 2016 draft? Could it be the 2015 combine? Could it be both?

The Sabres have called for a press conference on Monday at 1 pm for a "major announcement." Early reports led many to believe that it was to announce the Sabres would be hosting the 2016 NHL Draft. However, Mike Harrington and Shawn Stepner of channel 7 are reporting that instead the Sabres will announce that they'll be hosting the 2015 scouting combine.

The Sabres interest in hosting the scouting combine has been public for the past few months. The event, traditionally hosted in Toronto, could be expanded to on-ice tests thanks to the nearly finished HARBORcenter facilities.

Update: The Associated Press is reporting that sources close to the situation have told them that Buffalo will host the next two scouting combines. The sources spoke on the condition of anonymity due to neither the Sabres nor the NHL releasing the parameters of the press conference tomorrow.