Sabres Pick n' Mix - Season Recap

With the Buffalo Sabres season coming to an end, we recap the Pick n' Mix fantasy game we had running here on Die By The Blade.

First off, thank you to everyone who played in this season's Pick n' Mix, we had a much better turnout than last year and are hoping to get even more fans playing next season. Don't forget, there will be two fantasy games running for the upcoming playoffs, a March Madness-style bracket and another Pick n' Mix game as well. Here are last season's bracket and picks games for reference.

For this season's Pick n' Mix, we had a runaway leader right from the outset - predator007 proved that you didn't need to be a veteran at DBTB to pick well, you just need to be able to predict what the highly unpredictable Sabres would do, or in most cases, wouldn't do. He ended up with 84 points, while in second place was Ogre39666 with 77 points. Honorable mentions go out to bstoos and lgbfromoregon who made the top five. As always, consistency is the key and all the top players made it a point to come by every week and put in their picks.

Final standings for Pick n' Mix are on the scoring spreadsheet, congratulations once again to predator007!

Ed note: As the winner of this year's Pick n' Mix competition, predator007 will receive a swanky Sabres hat courtesy of our friends at New Era. Thanks to all who participated this year!