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Sabres Pick n’ Mix 4/21

Fear not if your Pick n’ Mix performance mirrored the fortunes of the Buffalo Sabres this season.. you might have choked at the key junctures, fired your head coach halfway through the season and relied on an infusion of raw youth to get you among the elite but all to no avail, but there is still one last week for you to salvage some semblance of pride and show off your hockey smarts, if any.

There is a silver lining though, with two fantasy games to play once the playoffs begin. So the Sabres are not going to the playoffs, who cares.. you are! Stay tuned here on Die By The Blade for more info once the regular season ends.

As far as the standings go, predator007 has not relinquished his season-long lead though Ogre39666 and bstoos have given him a run for his money. Here’s the scoring spreadsheet for your amusement.

This week we see the Sabres play three times –
4/22 – Buffalo Sabres vs Winnipeg Jets
4/23 – Buffalo Sabres at Pittsburgh Penguins
4/26 – Buffalo Sabres vs New York Islanders

We will need you to come up with the following picks –
1.winning team [W] in each game = H or V
2.goals [G] over/under in each game (based on an O/U of 5.5 goals) = O or U
3.powerplay goals [PPG] over/under in each game (based on an O/U of 1.5 goals) = O or U
4.scorer of the game-winning goal [GWG] (this includes a shootout winner)
5.penalty minutes [PIM] over/under in each game (based on an O/U of 20 PIM) = O or U

Scoring is simple, one point for each correct answer per game, a max of five per game. Submit your answers in the comments section of this post, in the form of (for example) –
H O O Flynn U
H U U Malkin O
H U O Ott U

The final standings will be announced in a closing post as soon as the regular season is completed.