Sabres Links: Dunleavy talks on Hockey Hotline, NHL to take over Devils, Possler scores again

Gotten a chance to listen to Dunleavy yet? We have one example of his work in today's links. What do you think?

  • Rick Jeanneret and Dan Dunleavy joined Sabres Hockey Hotline after the succession plan was announced [Sabres TV]
  • A little example of Dunleavy's play-by-play from 2010, when he filled in for RJ [Youtube]
  • Gustav Possler enjoying successful start at Lake Placid []
  • Five must watch Sabres games for next season [SabreNoise]
  • Why the Sabres may not be as bad as you'd think [SabreNoise]/

Around The League

  • The New Jersey Devils could be the next team to be taken over by the NHL, as soon as next season [Forbes]
  • Nikolai Antropov signs deal in the KHL [TSN]/