Sabres Catwalk For Charity event will haunt your dreams forever

The Sabres dressed in silly circus costumes for charity, but they ultimately looked...well, we'll let you be the judge/

The Buffalo Sabres host a number of charity events throughout the year, but the Catwalk for Charity is one of their biggest events, and one of their most public. It's a fun event, as various Sabres players dress up in funny costumes for monetary donations, and we even got a fake-punching rumor out of it a few years ago.

However, this year things seem to have gone horribly awry. The theme for this year's Catwalk appears to be some type of [sycho Circus style, and Ringmaster Ryan Miller is here to welcome you to the festivities.

Things didn't get that much better from there, as Miller's Circus featured the "Tyler Twins" in these Tweedledee and Tweedledum suits:

The amazing snake charming abilities of Christian Ehrhoff and John Scott:

You had the lion (Moulson/Flynn) taming abilities of Steve Ott:

A bearded backup goaltender:

And whatever this monstrosity was:

Then finally - and most horrifically - Rick Jeanneret ruining your child's birthday party with this lovely getup:

Luckily, all the money raised last night went to Ryan Miller's Steadfast Foundation. Still, was it worth seeing that which cannot be unseen? Actually, yes, as Miller's Steadfast Foundation supports families and children in Buffalo with cancer. Good on the last-place Sabres for some first-rate charity work.