Sabres at Stars recap: Dallas dominates in 3-0 win

The Sabres were outshot, outscored, and outclassed by the best team in the West.

The Sabres played the best team in the NHL tonight, and got smoked. They got smoked hard.

If you want more details, we can talk about how the Sabres were outshot, or took too many unnecessary penalties, or couldn't finish their few chances while Dallas buried theirs, or let in a soft goal early in the game, or how their best players were dominated by Dallas' top line, or how there was no speed in their game, or how they just don't seem to have any puck luck these past two weeks.

But a more succinct way to say it is that the Sabres got smoked by a very, very good Stars team. Now on to St. Louis on Monday (gulp).

Three Questions

1. Can the Sabres break out of their first period funk?

Nope - the Sabres were outshot 10-8 and, for the fourth game in a row, went to the first intermission down 1-0. It's really tough to win games when you keep giving up the first goal, and it's a trend the Sabres will need to stop if they want to end this slump.

2. Will anyone besides O'Reilly light the lamp?

Nobody in blue and gold lit the lamp tonight, so no.

3. Can the Sabres close the gap in the faceoff circle?

Yes! The Sabres actually won the faceoff battle tonight 28-26. Unfortunately, it was basically the only thing they won all night in what was a depressing game.

Comment of the Game


When did it start?


The tapes from this game were mysteriously destroyed.

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