Sabres at Senators Recap: Sabres Lose Again Despite Playing Well For A Change

The Sabres outplayed Ottawa, but Craig Anderson was a brick wall for the Senators, and Buffalo lost 2-0, despite a rare strong effort.

First Period

- The Sabres came out strong, and was unquestionably the better team in the first period. When was the last time that happened? It feels weird.

- Tyler Myers looked good, coming back from a two-game benching. Like, he was doing rookie Myers stuff, and when he is, this team is immeasurably better for it.

- More time was being given to the third line, especially Mikhail Grigorenko. The line of Ott-Grigs-Gerbe

- Despite the Sabre out-shooting, out-blocking, out-hitting, and out-faceoffing Ottawa in the first, the score was 0-0. That usually spells disaster.

Second Period

- Erik Karlsson will be nominated for an Oscar next month for his performance in "A Study In Diving". Remember, Erik, win or lose, it's an honor just to be nominated. Personally I'm voting for Django, but I digress.

- More strong play at the beginning of the period for Buffalo results in nada. I'm smelling trouble.

- On a Sabres power play, they lost control of the puck, had poor coverage on the back end, and let Erik Karlsson have a point blank shot on Miller, which he did not miss. And there it is.

- Tell me if you've heard this story before - after giving up a goal, the Sabres subsequently got trapped in their own zone, on a long shift, and gave up a garbage goal thanks to lazy zone play. Urgh. 2-0 Ottawa.

Third Period

- No good things can happen, because it's Buffalo.

- In all seriousness, despite controlling play for most of the game, Buffalo couldn't solve the mystery of Craig Anderson, and a few poor defensive coverages led to the two Ottawa goals. Still, it's depressing that in the best overall game the Sabres have played since the first Boston game, the scoreboard didn't reflect it. Still, it's something to build on, I suppose.

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