Sabres at Leafs Recap: Rolston Loses In Debut 3-1

The Sabres came out strong, but faltered in the second and third periods in another bad loss, 3-1 to the Leafs.

The Sabres seemed to show some promise in the first game under Ron Rolston. They had a solid first period, and thanks the Ennis line, went to the first intermission up 1-0. However, it was all downhill from there. Aside from Ryan Miller, who played a stellar game, the entire Sabres roster went straight in the toilet as soon as the second period started, and the game ended in a 3-1 loss. I can't blame Ron Rolston for this loss, because he hasn't had any time with the team to make significant changes. But if this game is any indication, he has plenty of changes to make.

First Period

- The Ron Rolston era got off to an OK start. The Sabres didn't get scored on in the first minute, so there's that, but they alternated quality zone time with Toronto for the first ten minutes or so. Guys did look they were trying a bit harder.

- Ryan Miller absolutely stole the first period for Buffalo, making at least four point blank saves on quality chances for Toronto. When he plays like he's capable, the Sabres are a very tough team to beat, defensive deficiencies and all.

- A nasty shot from Tyler Ennis into the corner of the net put Buffalo ahead 1-0. The 82-63-21 line had some great shifts in the first, with plenty of offensive zone time.

Second Period

- The second period began like most Sabres' second periods, with a goal against. Maybe the next coach will fix Buffalo's second period woes.

- Steve Ott made an incredible play whacking a rebound out of thin air for a goal! Except is was called back because Ben Scrivens is apparently allowed to stand a full three feet outside the crease and still get goaltender interference calls even though Kevin Porter is being shoved from behind by a defenseman. Hm.

-Good god the sabres are bad in the second period. They were outshot 15-6, outscored 2-0, outhit, outpenalized, and outfaceoffed. Most of those aren't even real words, but the Sabres have been so bad in the middle stanza that I have to make up new phrases to describe their putridness.

Third Period

- Things haven't been too much better in the third period. Despite a new coach, this team is still really really bad at things like puck possession, zone breakouts, and completing passes. Ugh.

- For the first time in a while, I agree with Bucky Gleason when he says "This is Miller's best season since he won Vezina." Miller has made some phenomenal saves in this period. The Leafs should be winning 4-1 at least.

- The Sabres power play is embarrassingly bad. If this recap sounds really negative, it's because the second and third period, the Sabres looked like the worst team in the league. Which at this point they may be. Okay Ron, you've got another week or so to try and turn this thing around.

Comment of the Game

I say we keep firing coaches until we win a game