Sabres at Flyers Recap: Sabres Lose 3-2, Ennis Injured

Tyler Ennis was boarded by Wayne Simmonds and left with an injury. No penalty was assessed. Oh, and the Sabres lost.

Ennis Injured

Tyler Ennis was boarded by Wayne Simmonds in the first period. Oh, wait, I'm sorry, it wasn't boarding, because no penalty was called. Did Ennis turn his back? Yes. Did he also leave with an injury, possibly a concussion? Yes. Did the Flyers, not the Sabres, get the power play thanks to an asinine instigator penalty on Mike Weber? Yes. Ladies and gentlemen, the National Hockey League.


The Sabres were outshot in this game 28-20. It wasn't the worst they've been outshot this season, but they only managed 20 shots in a game where Ilya Bryzgalov was giving up massive rebounds all night. It took 12 minutes in the first period before they got their first shot. Fantastic.

Powerless Play

The Sabres had three power play chances tonight, and I think they may have spent about three seconds in the Flyers zone. They had a shorthanded goal scored against them (though they did get one of their own later) but it was another pathetic showing.