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Sabres at Flyers recap: Buffalo demolished in 5-1 loss

The Buffalo Sabres went in to last night’s game hoping for a better first period than the one they had one Tuesday where they let in three goals, and they got it, exiting the first period tied 0-0. It was a great success, and congratulations were given all around.

Unfortunately they forgot to have a better second period, and allowed four Philadelphia Flyers goals in the second en route to a 5-1 loss.

There’s no way to sugar coat this one – the Sabres were crushed last night. Nothing was working, be it the 0-for-6 power play, shots missing the net, poor defensive coverage and even worse goaltending from Robin Lehner, who played his second awful period in his last two games. It was truly a team effort to get stomped this hard, and the Sabres only finished the game with four players out of the negative side of the +/- column.

If there was one bright spot it was the play of Jack Eichel and Justin Bailey, who paced the team with seven shots each. Eichel had a few of his typical Eichel moments that were stopped by Flyers goalie Steve Mason, and Bailey may have been the best player on the ice for the Sabres in his NHL debut. He was all over the ice, and earned some well-deserved time with the top six for his efforts. Hopefully he’ll stick around for a few games to remind the other 21 guys on the roster how to play with energy.

Don’t spend too much time analyzing this one, folks, as there’s not much to like and your brain will start to melt during the middle of the second period. The good thing is that the Sabres will get a chance to take out their frustrations tonight at home against the Canadiens.

To see the highlights, click here.

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