Ryan Miller Looks to Extend Hot "Streak"

It's no secret Ryan Miller has been struggling this season. At this point of the season he has the worst save percentage (.905) and GAA (2.88) of his career since taking over as the go to goalie for the Sabres. Miller is currently ranked 38th in goals against and 36th in save percentage, far from his normal position towards the top of the list.

Many blame it on his injury during the infamous Boston game back in November but even his pre-injury numbers were far from stellar compared to previous years with a save percentage of .896, even worse than his current season total (the horrible showing in Philly netting him a .727 SV% is the main cause of that). Almost 3 months post injury Miller seems to be turning things around as both him and Sabres are winning games, taking 7 of 8 possible points in the last 4 games.

Now, 4 games isn't exactly enough data to gauge a player however there haven't been many positives this season so I'll take them where I can get them. Since the game in NJ on January 24th, Miller's save percentage in those 4 games is .962 and his GAA is an impressive 1.25. If his season stats mirrored those he would be sitting at the top of the league in both columns (again, an unfair comparison but we're reaching for positives here).

Stats aside, Miller does seem to be playing better. The goals he has let in during his hot streak have been quality compared to the trash he would let in on occasion before. He seems more confident in the net and we haven't had to listen to him "vent" to the media as of late. All this is hopefully pointing towards a return to the Miller of old.

Perhaps Miller was playing injured and still not 100% after the Lucic hit (or from something else) and is finally getting healthy. A week off with the all-star break may have helped that along. The other possible explanation is that he's getting more help from his defense now that the majority of the team, especially the defense, is healthy. Only time will tell if Miller can back these recent numbers up and keep the Sabres winning. Unfortunately scoring hasn't also improved so it looks as if Miller is going to have to be lights out in order to get this team back into playoff contention.

Tonight serves as quiet the test for Miller as he faces the team that might have caused all this in the Boston Bruins. I'm sure it's on Miller's mind so let's hope he turns that into motivation and the team gets another much needed win.