Ryan Miller Is The Highest Rated Goalie In NHL 13, But Should He Be?

It's not often that Buffalo sports fans get to say they have the best in anything, even in the virtual world. Not so this year, as EA Sports (and Puck Daddy) have revealed that Ryan Miller is the top rated goalie in the upcoming NHL 13.

Miller stands alone atop a pile of netminders with a 92 overall rating; hit up the link above to check out the specific skill ratings. Miller is rated high than, among others, Henrik Lunqvist (91) Jonathan Quick and Carey Price (90), and Roberto Luongo and Pekka Rinne (89).

While it's a nice bit of bragging rights for Sabres fans, I'd love to hear from someone at EA Sports as to why Miller ranks higher than the reigning Vezina and Conn Smythe winners in Lundqvist and Quick, especially after coming off of what many saw as a down year for #30. The choices for top forward (Crosby & Datsyuk, rated 95) and top defenseman (Chara, rated 91) leave little to argue, but this one will likely prove a bit more controversial amongst NHL fans.

There's no doubt that Miller is a very good and sometimes great goalie in the NHL. But are his individual skills enough to warrant the top overall rating?

Regardless of whether his collection of 0's and 1's is deserved of the top spot or not, for now I'm going to sit back and enjoy this virtual victory. And maybe call up a few Rangers fans.