Recent Contracts Will Dictate The Market On Tyler Ennis' Contract

While the 2011-2012 season has yet to start, two contracts handed out in this offseason can be a good comparison for what Tyler Ennis may sign for next season: James van Riemsdyk and Brad Marchand. Van Riemsdyk just recently signed a six year, $25.5 million extension that will take effect next season and Marchand is still working out a contract with the Boston Bruins.

In Ennis' first full season, he had 20 goals and 29 assists and another two goals and two assists in the seven game series against the Flyers. Ennis' career goals/game is now at .25 which would project him out to 25 goals next season. Ennis has the ability to break out and score 30 goals this season but it is something he hasn't done since his junior days with the Medicine Hat Tigers.

James van Riemsdyk has been in the NHL for two full seasons and had 21 goals and 40 points in 75 games last season. He added another 7 goals in 11 playoff games for the Flyers. Philadelphia is paying for the potential that van Riemsdyk has rather than the current production that he has produced. Van Riemsdyk has shown, much like Ennis, that he has the ability to become a 30 goal scorer. Even though he hasn't done it yet, the expectation is now there. While the contract is on the high side, it will be the contract that Ennis will use for comparison if they head to arbitration next year, which isn't a guarantee.

As a point of comparison, in Brad Marchand's career he has 21 goals and 21 assists in 97 total games and 11 goals and 8 assists in 25 playoff games. Marchand and the Bruins should come to contract terms by the start of the season, but at this point there is no contract signed. Marchand is truly the best contract comparison, but until that contract is signed we can only speculate.

While Ennis' extension or new contract probably won't come until the next offseason, the contracts that are signed in the next few weeks will still determine how those negotiations happen.