POLL: Who’s Your #1 Pick?

Power or Benny or Off The Board?

There doesn’t seem to be an absolute consensus on who’s the #1 draft pick this year, though Owen Power looks to be the front runner. After him there are a handful of others who might sneak into the top spot depending on who you listen to, but what do you think? Who do you pick for the Sabres at #1?

Your first assignment is to go read Austin Brass’ draft articles, and then check out TMcGee’s, and also make sure to check the comments from the rest of the DBTB gang because there’s lots of good information in there too. So, go check all that stuff out now. I’ll wait here. . . .

Okay, now that you’re all up to date on the latest draft info, you’re ready to vote! This poll is going to have a lot of options—probably too many—though maybe your favorite isn’t included; there’s an “other” option to cover that and you can tell us who your guy is down in the comments. Also, there are a couple of goalies you might be considering, and we’re going to wrap them up together into the “goalie” option and you can tell us who your goalie is in the comments.

For this poll, we’re going to assume that the Sabres do not trade the pick, and also that this will be their only pick in the top 10. So, you have the #1 pick and just one chance to get your guy! What do you think? Who would you draft with the #1 pick?

Thanks for voting! And feel free to expand on your answer down in the comments.

Who’s Your #1 Pick?