Poll: What's Your Favorite Lindy Ruff Moment?

Lindy Ruff has been a part of the Sabres organization for more than half of the games they've ever played, which for a 43 year old franchise is simply astounding. Now that the dust has settled on his firing, we're going to ask: what's your favorite Lindy moment?

Ruff Fights Billy Smith

Sabres vs. Senators Line Brawl

Jordan Tootoo Postgame Rant

Ruff Leads Buffalo Crowd In "No Goal" Chant

What is your favorite Lindy Ruff moment?

Ruff fights Billy Smith26
Sabres vs. Senators Line Brawl179
Jordan Tootoo Postgame Rant2
Ruff leads Buffalo crowd in "No Goal" chant31
Other (exaplin in the comments)6