Poll: Ranking the top 20 Sabres prospects under 24

Participate in our top 20 rankings of Buffalo Sabres prospects under 24-years-old

If you recall, back in the spring when it was starting to become clear the Buffalo Sabres would not return to playing hockey, I mentioned the idea of two rankings. We did our normal top 25 under 25 series that was completed in August.

Now, that we’re in offseason mode 2.0, it’s time for our second version of a prospect ranking. This one will be different than the top 25 under 25. It’ll include the 2020 draft class and will focus primarily on prospects.

Here are the requirements for the players in this top 20 ranking:

  • Currently under the age of 24
  • Played less than 120 NHL games in their career/

Since this is a vote on prospects, the rankings should be on your belief of each player to reach their potential and what you think that potential is. The voting will remain open until 11:59 PM on Monday, November 2nd.

You can vote at the link below. We’ll start posting the articles on Wednesday 11/4.