POLL: Do You Trade Rasmus Ristolainen?

Is It Finally Time For Risto To Go?

I wasn’t going to bother with this poll since it seems like we’ve discussed this topic a billion times over the past few years, but Railroad is the third of the Sabres “big three” who are rumored to be on the move, and these polls have shown that there are a lot of DBTBers out there who vote but don’t comment, so let’s see what the voters think!

I see some here who think Risto is absolutely horrible, and I’ve seen some here suggest that he should be the Sabres’ next captain, and I’m guessing there are a whole lot of people who are somewhere in between. Maybe this is finally the year where Risto gets traded. Maybe he stays. Maybe he’s even the next captain! What do you think?

This is another Yes or No choice — you either trade him or you don’t. We’ll assume for this poll that you would get a fair return, whatever that means to you (but probably not Brayden Point!). So, bottom line: do you think Risto is part of the Sabres’ future or do you think it’s time for Risto to go?

Thanks for voting! And feel free to expand on your answer down in the comments (but fight nice!).

Do You Trade Risto?

Trade him924
Keep him613