Pick n' Mix Wk 2 Recap

The Sabres played another four games in week two, let's take a look at who's top of the totem pole after the week.

We had a bit of a dropoff in turnout after Week One, but it was still good to see the interest is there. There were sixteen participants in total for Buffalo Sabres Pick n' Mix Week 2, with last week's winner predator007 tying with another newcomer JRock74 at 9 pts to lead this week. predator007 also had a bingo, the only one last week, and is starting to open up a lead on the overall table now. Beginner's luck, or true analyst, time will tell!

The scoring spreadsheet is shared on Google Docs, please do drop me a note here if you notice something amiss.

Apologies for not getting the Week Three post up in time for the Panthers game on Sunday afternoon. That game has been scratched from the slate and this week will feature three games, starting with Tuesday evening at the Senators. Make sure you get your picks in on the Week Three post.